How to take advantage of the Instagram app

From the launch of Instagram, the search tab gave us the option to find our friends in this social network and further explore for kindred profiles with quality content to our tastes. There have been many improvements have been introduced in this search tool since its inception and that allow us today to discover the most relevant trends in a very simple way.

It is for these reasons that today we want to help you take advantage of the Instagram browser use all its features.

Browse and search Instagram

You may still not be too familiar with this tool, since many users are limited to reviewing the startup tab where you find content only to users who already follow. If this is your case, we recommend you take a look at what offers the new Explorer Instagram. This way you will find more users you follow and much interesting and quality content.

Search by location

With this tool you can find all related content anywhere on the planet. This way you can meet other parts of the world through photographs and videos made by people who live or visit there.
If you want your photos to appear in such searches, remember to check "add photo map" in your publications. Thus your publications will be more visible to other users.

Search Hashtags

One of the most common when searching methods is the use of hashtags. Enter any word or hashtag in the search bar to view all posts tagged with that tag.

Search Emoji

For some time considered the emojis as Instagram hashtags, thanks to this Look all publications that contain a emoji. This is a very interesting and fun option, as you can see the meaning each person gives a emoji and can take you to publications and users that never would you go otherwise.
Have fun discovering publications behind each icon.

Search users

As mentioned earlier, in addition to publications, users can search by search, so if you want to find your friends or people you admire can do so by entering its name in the search menu.


One of the things that has been improving over time is the system of recommendations of the explore tab. Instagram is based on the type of publication that you like and you usually recommend other comment for perhaps interest you. The same applies to users, Instagram gives you a list of users who share one type of content related to your tastes and those of the people they follow.
Thanks to this system you can discover personalized recommendations hundreds of interesting publications without even bothering to look for them.


In addition to recommendations based on the type of publications and users with whom you usually interact, Instagram has implemented a system of recommendations based on the latest trends and events with more impact, this way you can keep abreast of everything that happens with Just check the explore tab.

We hope that now you know better this search and recommendations to get leverage Instagram browser to keep up to date and not miss even